Standards really matter for creating transparency

We’re pleased to announce our certification to the ISO 27001 standard, which defines the most secure approaches for managing and protecting sensitive data. As a result, Everledger is joining an elite group (less than 2% of all registered companies worldwide) that can say their practices, policies, and procedures comply with this global benchmark for information security.

We think this is a big deal for a growing company like ours. Our purpose is to contribute greater clarity and confidence in marketplaces – such as diamonds, gemstones, fine wines, and e-waste life cycle – where transparency matters most. We, therefore, need to shine the spotlight on ourselves too.

Every day, we use a symphony of secure technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent labelling and the Internet of Things to surface and converge asset information. This allows our clients to share a clear and evidenced picture of each asset’s lifetime journey with their suppliers and customers (read more on blockchain asset tracking). Traceability creates transparency, which results in more sustainable and ethical practices. Put simply; we’re helping to build trust.

Reversing the decline in Trust.

Trust is broken in the world, and technology can help to fix it. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that technology is a tool, not the full response. The people behind the technology also need to be trustworthy and secure. I believe companies like our own need to earn confidence in the processes that underpin our technology. If we want to make compliance easier for our clients, we should be compliant ourselves.

This independent assessment for the ISO certification was conducted by the British Assessment Bureau, which looks for secure information management with an “ongoing and systematic approach”. Their forward-looking aspect is worth underlining. The world of technology is changing rapidly, and our clients expect us to adapt in step. Therefore, we are committed to updating our security posture and maintaining our certification status in the months and years ahead.

Procedures, policies and frameworks may sound less exciting than artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, but they are the bedrock for trust in this fast-moving sector. This ISO 27001 accreditation places us among the leading organisations in the world.

The clock is ticking.

Through our close collaboration with independent international organisations such as the World Economic Forum and the OECD, we help foster an environment that encourages innovation and increases transparency and sustainability while monitoring the risks of misuse of technology.

It’s in our hands to ensure that altruistic technologies such as blockchain remain a force for good. They need to fuel the machinery of society. They need to be carefully regulated to benefit the widest number of people in the fairest way, rather than serving a narrow sphere of interests.

We are already witnessing how the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are helping to fill the ‘trust void’ felt by customers and citizens across the world. However, if we don’t get our procedures right, then technology risks losing the trust it can create. We will have wasted a golden opportunity and let future generations down.

That’s why, at Everledger, we’re so determined to help our customers meet the right standards. And we’re meeting the highest standards ourselves.

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