Critical Minerals

A blockchain platform for mineral transparency and compliance


Everledger’s blockchain technology will be used to create a ‘digital certification’ for critical minerals throughout the supply chain from extraction to processing and export to global markets.

The pilot will help companies in the sector adhere to compliance regulations and increase the demand for Australian minerals in global markets, while also simplifying the process and lowering costs.

For Miners

Critical minerals like copper, nickel, cobalt, and lithium make clean energy technologies of the future possible. But the mining of these minerals must also adhere to social and environmental guidelines (ESG) to meet growing expectations for transparency from both governments and consumers.

When data that’s locked in spreadsheets and paper-based record keeping is securely distributed using blockchain technology, miners can more easily demonstrate their good practices and producers downstream can analyse the aggregation of minerals and supply chain compliance more efficiently.

When batches of minerals receive a physical identifier that establishes a credible link between their record on the blockchain and their physical state, they can be tracked in aggregate from stockpiles to chemical processing and on to use within manufacturing.

With a verified chain of custody and critical point testing along the journey, minerals can be reliably linked to local regulatory activities and international standards bodies that are also participants within the ecosystem.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Climate action is the predominant objective for the vast majority of ESG aligned organisations. Upstream data providers such as mining companies can upload documents relating to energy consumption, waste production, and transportation that are reviewed using Everledger’s data governance before being added to the blockchain. As a result, scope 3 emissions reporting is made more transparent for downstream manufacturers.


“This Australian pilot will strengthen domestic mineral supply chains, reduce the reliance on foreign minerals, and minimize carbon emissions. This pilot project places Australia at the top of an ethical, sustainable supply chain.”


Everledger and the Australian Government

In July 2021, Everledger was awarded a A$3 million pilot project from the Australian Government to create a ‘digital certification’ for critical minerals throughout the supply chain, from extraction to processing and export to global markets. Today miners, processors and manufacturers are piloting this solution that is delivering greater transparency and accountability in the industry.

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