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At Everledger, we continually push the boundaries, whether that be technology or our own internal team, to strive better. 

We value the world we live in and are looking to pioneer ways for others to follow suit.

What is Everledger?

Leanne, the CEO and Founder, talks about her story, the journey and the purpose of starting Everledger.


Our work in the wine industry has hit a new milestone with our latest collaboration with Avery Dennison and ‘Appellation Earth’ wines from Napa Valley by US-based wine négociant Wine Trade Network.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is in the news these days, but the real innovation is Bitcoin’s other half, the blockchain. A blockchain is a distributed recording device; a ledger held on many computers is not easily forged or altered. This blockchain ledger is a powerful way to bring transparency and trust to any number of industries.

Everledger celebrates turning 5! Everlegends span 4 continents and it feels like the party has just begun! We’d like to share with you the video we created to celebrate this date with our fellow Everlegends. We hope you enjoy taking this sneak peek behind the scenes!

Plastic, particularly plastic packaging, has become an economic, environmental, and social burden. Not only are 98% of plastic products made from virgin petroleum, but only 14% of plastic packaging is also collected for recycling globally. With 86% loss in value after its first use.

Use blockchain technology to create a secure and permanent digital record of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership. Leanne talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about building ethical and transparent supply chains, her vision of a circular economy and why it is even more important in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Did you know that electric vehicle batteries can have a second life?
Designed by Everledger, the battery passport offers critical at-a-glance information about each Li-Ion battery, including chemistry, state of health and ownership transfer data that can be passed on to each new owner until the battery reaches the end of its life.
Everledger’s solution for the diamond industry

How Everledger is driving greater transparency and next-generation standards for the global diamond industry through the use of emerging technology for digital provenance tracking and certification.


Circular Economy in Action:

Every Year in Queensland, we throw away 2.7 billion recyclable containers, but this has started to change due to the containers for change scheme. Check out the Circular Economy in Action!

Catch up on Webinars

What should your Climate Change Goals be:

The discussion discusses their experience in developing transparency programs, mitigating sustainability and ethical risks, and supporting material demand challenges across Critical Raw Material supply chains.


Promoting Zero Waste within your Company:

Here Carrie interviews Hilde Sijbring from Circle Economy & Miquel Ballester, co-founder at Fairphone, about how Fairphone and Circle Economy worked together to redefine waste and reconsider concepts around product obsolescence.

Understanding Due Diligence Requirements for Critical Materials in the US

Increasing voluntary and regulatory requirements to conduct due diligence in specific mineral and material supply chains. This due diligence is typically focused on the prevention and mitigation of human rights and conflict in these supply chains, as well as ensuring material security and lessening the impact on the environment.

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