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Blockchain technology allows data to be recorded securely and unalterably as an asset (such as a diamond, an artwork, a bottle of fine wine) moves along the supply chain. By converging this record with other technologies, we can create a unique digital identity for the asset and make it available to all stakeholders. The resulting lift in transparency, confidence and trust lays the foundation for whole industries to advance (read more on blockchain asset tracking).

Everledger’s platform is built on the fundamentals of private blockchains, where firms need the ability to share data securely and apply smart contracts, while also retaining privacy. Data is divided into privacy tiers, so a stakeholder can withhold sensitive data attributes, while allowing transparency on others.

Our solutions are designed for businesses and consumers, enabling businesses to streamline processes while providing consumers with unprecedented transparency.

Artificial Intelligence

Since 2017 our platform has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse data sets, helping our customers meet both documentation requirements (for example by the Kimberley Process) and associated smart contract obligations.

Internet of Things

By capturing production, transport and environmental data in real-time (for example temperature sensors, tamper detectors), Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help reveal the full story of an object. When coupled with blockchain, this information becomes immutable, private and transparent.

Intelligent Labelling

Intelligent labelling allows all of the information associated with a physical object to be securely surfaced and converged. In this way it captures the entire lifetime story of an object – from origin to end customer. Our intelligent labels link the digital and real worlds using NFC, RFID, the physical structures of an object (such as fiber or pattern structures), and synthetic DNA. Our implementations include tamper-proof wine labels driven by NFC, RFID beacons, or synthetic DNA identity codes.


Nano-sized particles are finding more and more applications in object identification. Our platform aggregates these technologies to surface secure data about an asset. Partners such as Gübelin are already advancing the technology to authenticate and surface the provenance of diamonds and gemstones.

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