Our Industry Solutions

Everledger's solutions by different industries looking to leverage the blockchain for better supply chain transparency and item provenance.

The Everledger Platform supports demand generation, sustainability and compliance for producers and retailers. With our enterprise-grade blockchain platform, buyers and sellers of any asset in a range of industries can now trade with confidence and offer an enhanced customer experience to their end consumers.


The world of fine art is fragmented with inefficient approaches to establishing provenance. From large installations to flatworks and digital rights, using the Everledger platform to host a registry of fine art provides collectors with provenance records that detail a piece’s condition, chain-of-custody and digital fingerprint.


When dealing with large batteries, such as electric vehicle batteries, or small batteries, like computer batteries, producer responsibilities are considerable and challenging to validate. The Everledger platform enables both vehicle and battery manufacturers to track and verify downstream battery repurposing and recycling activity.

Critical Minerals

Everledger is collaborating with global mineral experts and the Australian Government to develop a ‘digital certification’ for critical minerals. This certification is used throughout the supply chain from extraction to processing and exporting to global markets using underlying blockchain technology.


The Everledger platform makes it easy for diamond retailers and manufacturers to connect, and trade diamonds with verified provenance and history. Our solutions help diamond manufacturers seeking new sources of customer value while being rewarded for their investments in sustainable and ethical business practices. Share the compliance documentation, origin, planning and cutting events of each diamond with verified retailers.


Fashion brands that offer transparency into their positive sourcing practices, better connect with the customers of the future. Everledger helps surface these insights for greater supply chain visibility and provides an verified back-story that customers can access via smartphone interaction with any garment.


As 80% of the USD 3.2 billion gemstone industry originates from small-scale artisanal mining communities, they often get lost in a fragmented global supply chain. This makes authenticity and ethical sourcing a challenge to reliably demonstrate. 

With Provenance Proof, gemstone miners can now display the life journey of a gemstone from the start of its provenance journey and connect directly to international markets.


By surfacing more accurate information, the Everledger platform helps the insurance industry to function with efficiency, and improve the experience for insurers and customers alike. This is particularly necessary for companies that deal with high-value items such as fine art, jewellery and specie, where establishing authenticity is paramount and value can change significantly over time.

Luxury Goods

High-value goods can leverage the Everledger solution to enable consumer engagement and the highest level of brand protection. Via smartphone interaction and the validating power of the blockchain, customers are provided with quality assurance, while brands benefit from anti-tamper and anti-counterfeit measures.

Wines & Spirits

Vineyards and distillers have often had the greatest responsibility in upholding their brand but lacked visibility into their supply chain once bottles left their gates. Today, brands can be more engaged and have more control than ever with our intelligent tags.

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