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Plugins for eCommerce Diamond Retailers
$ 199
Monthly USD
  • Provenance API or Widget access
  • Showcase object origin and product claims directly on your eCommerce site
  • Transfer ownership via API
  • PAYG Transfers of ownership
  • Up to 500 lookups per month

Try free for 30 days. 

Pay annually and get 1 month free!


For all Diamond Retailers
$ 199
Monthly USD
  • Source inventory & suppliers and retain in your private, secure asset Vault
  • Showcase the Provenance story in store
  • Transfer ownership to end consumers
  • PAYG Transfers of ownership
  • Limited time: Amplify included free
30 day trial

Try free for 30 days. 

Pay annually and get 1 month free!

Diamond industry only

Other industries – talk to us!

Extra user licences $49pp/pm

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Consumer Engagement Solution
$ Tailored Ask for a quote
  • Unique digital Object ID with encoded identifiers (QR, NFC or tamper-proof seals)
  • Give customers their asset vault
  • Increase consumer engagement
  • Configurable to your brand
  • No obligation, free consultation

Give your customers a Vault.

Tell your product story your way!

 Multiple industries

Pricing varies depending on your choice of 

Object ID (tag), volume and specific requirements.   

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Are you a product manufacturer, producer, supplier or miner?

Add inventory to the Everledger Platform free of charge.


We also have a generous Manufacturer Incentive for contributing quality inventory (we pay you!)

Are you a gemstone jeweller?

Everledger has developed the Provenance Proof Blockchain for Gübelin Gem Lab that tracks gemstones from mine to end-consumer.

You can be a miner, manufacturer, trader or jeweller to use this solution. 

Need to talk?

Perhaps you are looking to upload product data, explore inventory, create a unique customer experience or need an audit trail. Whatever your goals,  our team can help you work out what is right for you. We’re great thinking partners.
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